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Helping you to maximise your school's potential

Our simple and intuitive platform will help you unlock the huge potential in your school without the need to engage expensive consultants. Catalysts helps your leaders own, focus and manage school improvement efficiently and effectively.

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How we do it

At School Improvement Solutions, we understand that school improvement can be a daunting and time-consuming task for department heads. That's why we've developed a comprehensive range of self-administered audits and analysis tools that enable department heads to drive continuous improvement in their departments.

Our innovative solutions provide a clear and concise overview of the department's performance, allowing department heads to identify areas for improvement and focus their efforts on the most impactful interventions. With CATALYST, department heads take control of their improvement journey, reduce their workload, and minimize stress, all the while driving meaningful and sustainable improvements.

What this means for your school

Head teachers have told us that Catalyst reduces the amount they need to spend on external consultants, deeply engages staff in the school improvement journey and creates a shared language and approach to school improvement that is supportive and positive rather than the alternative.
Technology can help to leverage the huge knowledge and experience within your leadership team by providing a way of demonstrating excellent practice while highlighting areas where help is needed. Doing this in twenty minutes using intuitive software that generates simple reports means that all schools, no matter how busy, can benefit from Catalyst.

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