As the challenges facing schools increase, it is the agency of your staff and particularly your school leaders that will enable positive change, provide solutions and build communities.

Unleashing Agency

Our aim is to unleash agency for all professionals across the sector, saving time and money for schools whilst also supporting retention and recruitment. Catalyst helps staff to understand key development opportunities across their education setting and presents recommendations that can be shared with others. We provide professionals in schools, Trusts and LAs with a platform containing a suite of easy-to-use audits that empower staff in their area of responsibility. Each audit can be completed in less than 20 minutes, but you can spend more time adding supporting documentation for a deeper dive. 

The answers to your school's chellenges lie within your staff team

We believe the answers to many of a school’s challenges are held within by its staff rather than at the DfE or Ofsted. Teachers and leaders in your school have specific, detailed important knowledge about the challenges and how to resolve them. Catalyst helps bring them to the fore so you can deploy expertise and keep improving.

Keeping Teachers in the job

Alongside workload and behaviour issues, many teachers leave teaching because they aren’t able to exercise professional judgement in schools. Unlocking this ‘agency’ is crucial to keeping teachers in a career they consider academic and intellectual.

At Catalyst we believe that this agency can be developed, supported and maintained simply and effectively by engaging all staff in audits of their curriculum or other area of expertise.

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Leveraging the experience in your school

We know that after 5 years in post, teachers have built up a huge amount of knowledge and experience of the profession. This is hard won and the result of having taught over 3000 hours of lessons over almost 200 weeks.

Catalyst is focused on unlocking this knowledge and experience, allowing it to be shared across schools to improve staff development and pupil outcomes.

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